Foodbuzz Community Table Dinner at Bushi-Tei

October 28, 2009

Less than a week after an amazing dinner at Spruce with Foodbuzz and Black Box Wines, Bay Area foodies again gathered around the Community Table to talk, eat, drink, and of course take pictures. Last night, we were given the chance to dine together at Bushi-Tei in San Francisco’s Japantown. Old faces and new sat [...]

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Foodbuzz Community Table Dinner at Spruce

October 22, 2009

Last night we once again gathered around the table together for a Community Table Dinner hosted by Foodbuzz and Black Box Wines at the stylish Spruce restaurant in San Francisco.  Black Box, a wine company breaking the conventions of how a great wine is presented, partnered with Foodbuzz to pair their great varietal wines with [...]

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Orange Pumpkin Cloverleafs

October 19, 2009

Here in the Tiny Kitchen, we are always looking for new ideas and fun things to make, and while I love baking it is hard to justify baking a batch of anything when there is only the two of us around to enjoy it. We always feel a little gluttonous faced with stuffing our maws [...]

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The Simple Things

October 7, 2009

Big, beautiful golden Chanterelle mushrooms, sauteed in butter and white wine…. Juicy, bright red Early Girl tomatoes, the very last of the season… And a big bowl of whole wheat linguini, topped with melted parmesean cheese. It is the simple things, like a warm bowl of pasta tossed with earthy, buttery Chanterelles and fresh, juicy [...]

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Still With This Pie Thing?

September 19, 2009

Look, I told you I was craving pie crust, ok? Apparently the veggie pie just didn’t do it. But, as luck would have it, the Missus was going to be celebrating her birthday, and since she has the sweet tooth in the family, I thought it would be fun to make her something to honor [...]

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Dining By The Bay

September 17, 2009

Last night I had the opportunity to dine with fellow foodies at the Foodbuzz Community Table dinner at Epic Roasthouse on the waterfront of San Francisco.  Epic is a swanky, stylish space situated right along the Embarcadero against the glittering water of the San Francisco Bay.  It really makes for an impressive view during dinner. [...]

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Veggie Pie

September 3, 2009

So I have been craving pie for a while now… okay maybe not pie per se, but pie crust more specifically. Flaky, buttery, crunchy pie crust. Done right, the crust is the very best thing about a pie. Done wrong (and it can go very, very wrong), and it will be tasteless, tough, and do [...]

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My First Harvest

August 16, 2009

My little rooftop garden experiment is finally starting to pay off! The time, effort and love I have put into these few little pots of dirt are actually turning into something, right now in the form of these lovely, rosey little shallots. We had a minor disaster with the tomato plant, but hopes are high [...]

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Stuffed Peppers with Crazy Rooster Sauce

August 4, 2009

This should be a relatively simple post to write, yet I have been sitting on it for a week now, with dozens of other writerly things running through my head that have nothing to do with stuffed peppers. So, in our last CSA box from Eatwell Farm, we got a few beautiful, dark green Poblano [...]

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A Mountainous Feast

July 29, 2009

It’s funny what happens when you get together with family and friends to put together a big meal. You wake up early before the sun is high in the sky to harvest fresh veggies from the garden, last minute trips to the store are made, and finally a small army of people descend on the [...]

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