Joel in Paris, eating a crepe

Six by 10 Tiny Kitchen is a blog about the food prepared and enjoyed in my tiny San Francisco kitchen.  I began this blog as a way to explore and share my love of food and cooking.  As it grew, and I discovered more about food and my love affair deepened, the blog has taken on a life of its own.

Six by 10 Tiny Kitchen has seen many changes over the short time I have been writing it; at times it has been the focus of all of my spare attention, other times it becomes dusty and neglected.  Life gets in the way, as the saying goes.

But nothing has ever interfered with my love for good food.  I believe in the simple things; a meal prepared with the freshest ingredients and with the slightest amount of fuss will outshine any overpriced, pretentious ode to a chef’s ego.

I hope you enjoy the adventure.  It’s bound to be delicious.

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andy January 19, 2011 at 4:10 am

Hey Tiny Kitchen Blogger,

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Our farm delivers once a week, every other week, every third week or once a month and we offer our customers the option of customizing what they get delivered to them. For example, the first regular mixed box of fruits and vegetables for a new customer would be $25 and they get to decide what goes into it, so if you don’t like onions then you don’t have to get it in your box. Oh and I forgot to mention that our produce is typically 20-30% cheaper than other organic grocery stores (ie whole foods, trader joes etc) and some farmers markets (we do farmers markets too, but this is still cheaper for us and you).

The reason I contacted you is because I thought you and your readers might be interested in re-posting something about this promotion. We are a family farm that has been doing organic since 1976 and have grown from 30 to 300 acres. The reason we have grown so much is because we rely on feedback from our customers and only grow the best tasting organic fruits and veggies. We also have been growing because of support from those within the community of foodies, restaurateurs, bloggers, tastemakers and general word of mouth. If you are at all interested in supporting green – organic – local – sustainable agriculture then please pass this info on to your readers! Just remember to tell them to use promo code 482 to receive 20% off the first box of fruits and vegetables.



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